.A.G.SCHWAB Craftsmanship Corp.  
803 M Barnett Dr. - Lake Worth - Florida - 33461 - Ph.(561) 531-6489 - Cell(786)877-4601
Import  and Export
Wood floor
Cabinet constructed in the structural part with 3/4" thick plywood
with solid wood front and solid louver doors coated with
white satin polyurethane.
Drawers and retractable shelves with full extension guides, for the best possible storage.
Finished with Clare walnut stain and coated with satin verathane.
Cabinets made of 3/4" thick plywood cherry finish venier  with doors made of solid cherry wood,
with moldings and crown molding finish all with spanish cider color stain and coated with satin
Residencial and Commercial
Tacuari 472  Bernal Este Buenos Aires Argentina  Codigo 1876- Tel.Fax 0115411-4259-5975
Wood Shop
Fine end Kitchen
Solid and
Melamine and
melamine MDF
Melamine and
laminate cabinets
Special Jobs
Economic grade
Precious wood
solid and venier
cabinets by order
Fine stairs
installations, with
or without
polyurethane finish
Vanities made of 3/4" thick white melamine, front moldings and baseboard made of solid wood and
finish with high gloss white polyurethane finish.
Doors an front drawers made of high gloss finish thermo foil.
Cabinets have two different deeps.
Vanity made of 3/4" plywood with solid hard maple doors with self closing hinges and drawers guides.
One retractable shelve with full extension guide.
White wash finish and coated with clear satin verathane.