Bookcases and
Entertainment centers  
Build-in wall unit consisting in four separated modules, constructed with
3/4" cherry plywood in the structure and solid cherry wood doors, front
of drawers and moldings, finishied with costume stain color and satin
verathane coat.
Wood floor
Exclusive design entertainment center consisting of four separated modules and two different deep
projections from sides units to center unit.
Made of 3/4"  cherry  plywood  and  solid  cherry  wood  front, with six drawers  at the center bottom
module and partitions to hold electronics devices. Make this unit the perfect furniture to hold our
The 120" wide x 96" high and 24" deep, make this beauty the most reliable piece furniture to hold
our expectations.
This wall unit consist of 5 modules with station desk en shelve for computer, fax and printer.
The structure is made of 3/4" thick cherry playwood with solid cherry wood moldings and crown
Doors for the upper center and botton side units are constructed of solid cherry wood with raised
Doors for left and right side are glass with framed solid cherry wood. and top arch design.
Finished with dark walnut color stain and verathane satin coated.

Book case made of 3/4" mahogany plywood and mahogany solid wood
doors  and moldings.
The unit consist of two separated modules with overhang roof to hold
reflection lights and crown molding.
Wood Shop
Fine end Kitchen
Solid and
Melamine and
melamine MDF
Melamine and
laminate cabinets
Special Jobs
Economic grade
Precious wood
solid and venier
cabinets by order
Fine stairs
installations, with
or without
polyurethane finish
File cabinets and bookcase made of 3/4" thick melamine and drawers fronts and moldings made
of solid poplar  finish with cider stain color and cover with satin verathane.